a church for people who don't go to church

We’re an Anglican church based on the World’s End housing estate in Chelsea that has been meeting since 2006 as a local church for our community.

Our aim is to give people in the local area multiple opportunities to hear the good news of Jesus Christ in a way that that is clear and relevant.

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our vision

We’ve got several simple goals at St John’s:

We want to follow Jesus in our lives and know him better, so that our faith impacts who we are and how we live.

We want other people to know and follow Jesus too. A big reason why we’re here is to gently point other people to the good news that’s come into our own lives. We want to introduce other people to the Christian faith and help them work things out for themselves.

We want to be as diverse a group as possible. We believe that the good news about Jesus is for every person, regardless of their background, personality, skin colour, sexuality or anything else. Being a follower of Jesus changes us in dramatic ways, but the invitation is for everyone.


Family Service – 11am St John’s Church, Chelsea

On Sundays we get together in the St John’s building for an informal service that starts at 11am. It has a mixture of singing, prayer and teaching but is relaxed and (we hope!) accessible to everyone, whatever their background. We sit on chairs around tables and there is coffee/cake before and after. It lasts a bit over an hour and has both adults and kids. We always begin our gatherings with everyone together, but during our break the children who are primary school aged and under can have teaching specific for them.

Once a month we eat lunch together after the service and hang out to chat.

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St John’s is part of the parish of St John with St Andrew Chelsea, registered charity number 1132248

We are a ministry of the Co-Mission Churches Trust, registered charity number 1139922

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