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Sunday Service

Many people realise that church isn’t a building but a community of people where God is at work. So you can’t separate off special days as ‘church days’ – church is something you are, not something you do. But it’s still very important to get together and so we do that to remind ourselves of everything we believe.
On Sunday’s we get together in the St John’s building for an informal service that starts at 11am. It has a mixture of singing, prayer and teaching but is relaxed and (we hope!) accessible to everyone, whatever their background. We sit on chairs around tables and there is coffee/cake before and after. It lasts a bit over an hour and has both adults and kids. We always begin our gatherings with everyone together, but during our break the children who are primary school aged and under can have teaching specific for them.
Once a month we eat lunch together after the service and hang out to chat.

Small Groups

We know that getting together to study the Bible and share our ideas is really important for our spiritual growth. So, we have several ways of doing that:

Wednesday Church ( 8-9:30pm, St John’s Church)
Wednesday evening is a chance for us to spend more time in the Bible and pray. We normally look at particular books of the Bible and go deeper into them. At other times, we might follow a course on a particular topic, or have some formal teaching.

Women’s Bible Study (Friday’s, 10-11am, St John’s Church)
The women’s Bible study meets on Friday mornings during term time. Many of the women who attend are mums who would struggle to make an evening small group, but all women are welcome, regardless of whether or not you have little ones tagging along! A crèche is provided for those with young children.

Prayer & Praise Meeting (first Wednesday of the month, 8-9:30pm, St John’s Church)
On the first Wednesday of each month, instead of a Bible study we come together to pray. We give thanks for God’s work amongst us, and we ask him for the needs of the church, our mission partners, and believers around the world.

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