Many people realize that church isn’t a building but a community of people where God’s at work. So you can’t separate off special days as ‘church days’ – church is something you are, not something you do. But it’s still very important to get together and so we do that twice a week, on Sundays and Wednesdays to remind ourselves of everything we believe.

On Sundays we get together in the St John’s building for an informal service that starts at 11am. It has a mixture of singing, prayer and teaching but is relaxed and (we hope!) accessible to everyone, whatever their background. It lasts a bit over an hour and has a mixture of adults and kids. There’s a kids’ church that runs parallel for some of the main service. Once a month we eat lunch together after the service and play on the church Wii!

On Wednesdays we get together at 7.30pm, also in the St John’s building, to eat dinner and then split into smaller groups. The point is to share from what’s going on in our lives, pray about it and look at the Bible together. Again, it’s relaxed and informal and absolutely anyone is welcome. It finishes about 9.30pm.

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